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Maternity Insurance Nc Question & Answers

2013 October 12
by Sarah Fields

Mark asks…

What alternatives to aflac are there for supplemental insurance?

My wife and I are thinking about having another baby. My sister had aflac with her last baby and she said it was amazing. But it turns out aflac doesnt have that policy anymore. Im looking for insurance that has a cash benefit to cover household bills wile our other insurance covers the hospital bills.

Sarah Fields answers:

There are competitors to Aflac, but the coverage options are similar and I am prejudice towards
the security and prompt payments of Aflac. I do not know what coverage you were told is no longer
available. The most commonly utilized benefit for maternity and complications of pregnancy is Short Term Disability with is still available via pay roll groups. Coverage must be established 10 months prior to delivery and of course if there for other disabling conditions as well. You really need an agent to show you the options such as waiting periods, length of coverage and amounts that your wife may qualify for in order to find a premium that fits your need and budget.
Aflac also offers coverage that pays per Diem’s for in patient hospital stays – many of my expectant mothers also utilize this option. Again, 10 months for delivery to be covered – you can not be currently or very soon after application/approval be expecting. All aflac plans pay directly to the policyholder so you can utilize the funds as needed – those household expenses you mentioned.
Your wife needs to sit down with her Aflac representative for details – If you have other questions please feel free to add to the post. If you are in NC and currently do not have a representative – let me know. Also remember, you may be limited to changes during your open enrollment periods at work.

Lisa asks…

Is pregnancy considered a pre-existing condition for a dependent?

I am on my dad’s insurance and just found out that I am pregnant AND our insurance (blue cross blue shield of NC, PPO) doean’t cover pregnancy for dependents. My mom mentioned being able to add it to the plan, for an extra payment per month, but will they consider my pregnancy preexisting (7 weeks)? Is there some law that says they can’t? My dad is insured through his employer.

Sarah Fields answers:

Generally speaking Yes, pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition for a dependent. You can try to get it covered by your Dad’s insurance but it most likely will not be covered. One of the main choices one makes when choosing their insurance plan is whether or not they want maternity covered.

I teach medical insurance and billing. For employer-sponsored health care, at least in California, the employee (your Dad) has an annual enrollment period. At that time he can choose which insurance company he wants, what he wants covered and who to include on his policy. One of the main choices is whether or not to include maternity coverage, because the monthly premium is more expensive, and it sounds like he declined it. Once he chooses the plan he wants and the enrollment period ends, your Dad can’t add any additional coverage until the next enrollment period the following year. So unless it is still your Dad’s enrollment period he can not add it and even if he could it would not cover retroactively.

The only coverage I know of that you can possibly get to cover your pregnancy retroactively would be Medicaid or some other government-sponsored plan where you live.

I have included the link to Medicaid for North Carolina:

Michael asks…

Short term disability for maternity leave?

I live in NC, and my employer doesn’t cover Short term disability. Does anyone have any ideas as to where to find a personal policy or have any other information on this?

Sarah Fields answers:

The ONLY place I know of to get short term disability with maternity, is through your employer. MOST private policies exclude it – if they don’t, they have a WAITING period, usually a full year, before the maternity portion kicks in. See, mostly people only want to BUY it, if they are planning on USING it, which skews the odds rather a lot.

You can contact a local agent, like the guy that sells your car or house insurance, to see if he can help you, or give you a referral.

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