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Maternity Insurance No Waiting Period Question & Answers

2014 December 29
by Sarah Fields

Daniel asks…

What health insurance plan is for me?

I live in OR. I am currently unemployed and my potential new employer doesn’t pay for any health insurance. So I have to decide to either continue my COBRA group plan (which is expensive. The premium is about 430 per month!) or search for a private plan. The tricky part is that I am planning to get pregnant and having a baby next year. My COBRA will expire in 14 months and the max coinsurance+ deductible of maternity care under my COBRA is another $3,750 on top of the premiums I pay. This is a lot and I run a risk of 14-month time limit. Is it a better option to go for a private plan provider? In that case, how long will be the waiting period before I can get pregnant? Thanks.

Sarah Fields answers:

You’ll probably pay less for the individual plan but the maternity charges will probably be more. You’ll have a 12 more or longer wait with individual plans before maternity will be covered. You can use this link to find plans in your area: ehealth is a knowledge partner in the insurance section of Yahoo!Answers.

Ken asks…

What is the better option regarding health insurance. maternity rider or coverage with maternity covered & why

I’m trying to figure out if it’s better to have a plan with a maternity rider option or take a plan that already covers maternity. I found a plan that allows maternity rider to be added on later and the monthly premium is less per month. But regardless if it’s with a rider or no- the waiting period is still 12 months.

Which way is the best option? My husband and I aren’t planning for kids for another couple of years but want to be covered when the time is right.

Sarah Fields answers:

Any maternity coverage with an individual plan is more of a pre-payment plan than insurance because the insurance company knows only people who are planning on becoming pregnant will get it. If you do the math with the waiting period and extra premium you’ll find that you’ll be better off paying cash for the delivery. You can save the extra premium money in a savings account or, if you have an HSA qualified plan, into the HSA account. Almost all individual policies will cover complications of pregnancy, such as a c-section, even if you don’t have maternity coverage so you’ll be protected on most plans.

Nancy asks…

How long to wait to get pregnant after health insurance goes in effect?

Planning on TTC after the first of the year. My health insurance start on 1-1-2012. I decided to obtain health insurance before trying to conceive, but is there a waiting period before getting pregnant.

BCBS is the company.

Sarah Fields answers:

If it is a group policy through an employer you can start now because maternity will be covered from day one.

If it is an individual policy are you sure it has maternity coverage? In most states the insurance companies have discontinued all plans with maternity as a direct result of “0bamacare”. If it does have maternity coverage it can vary from plan to plan and from state to state. In most policies maternity will not be covered for the first 12 months but other policies will have a waiting period of 3 to 21 months. To be sure you really need to ask your agent. In fact, the smart thing to do would have been to ask the agent prior to applying.

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