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Maternity Insurance No Waiting Period Question & Answers

2015 October 25
by Sarah Fields

Chris asks…

What is the best Maternity Health insurance Plan Offer for Florida Residents?

If you know if a plan and what is covers, please explain in detail.
And what is there waiting period?


Sarah Fields answers:

Thanks to “0bamacare” you can no longer get maternity coverage in Florida unless you get coverage through an employer in a group plan. Any maternity discount plans you may find are nothing more than scams with offer you the same discount that you can negotiate on your own.

Ruth asks…

What type of health insurance do you have?

i’m shopping around for a policy with good maternity coverage, but the only ones i can find have a waiting period of 12 months (which is out of the question b/c we will be ttc within the next 3 months).

who do you have your policy through? what is the coverage? any other options?


Sarah Fields answers:

I have PacifiCare Sighnature POS though United Health Care. I have excellent coverage. The one-time copay was $15 and after that I don’t pay anything. Delivery (hospital) is $0 everything is paid for.

EDIT: Now if you are having difficulty finding a good health insurance you can always (as others have mentioned) apply for Medicaid/Medi-Cal. You will automatically qualify once you get pregnant. No pregnant women will ever get denied regardless of income.

Steven asks…

Why do insurance companies have a 10 to 12 month waiting period to cover maternity?

The only reason I ask is because I am looking for insurance we are going to have the optional maternity coverage added. With my daughter I was 2 months pregnant when I got hired at the company that covered my maternity for her. Why did I not have to wait then, but now I have to?
Is it even worth getting the maternity option?

Sarah Fields answers:

Maybe different policies? Or maybe the insurance company changed their coverages? Maybe you were already insured before you became pregnant last time? They do not want someone going out and getting a job just so they will have the insurance because they are pregnant. Although that is what I would do too.

That’s interesting though because most other “preexisting conditions” have only a 6 month waiting period.

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