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Maternity Insurance Ohio Question & Answers

2016 March 4
by Sarah Fields

Robert asks…

HSA Plan: Which has the best Maternity coverage.?

I am in need of getting health insurance for myself and want to settle with an HSA. I am trying to find one that is good for me with the potential of a baby coming into my near future? I dont know what else I need to consider in terms of if the HSA will best cover the needs of future (children) dependants. Also, which one is good, Kaiser , Blue Cross, or Blue Shield??

Sarah Fields answers:

It might depend on where you live and what the state specific maternity waiting periods are. Here in Ohio, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is quite popular for HSA plans and has only a nine month waiting period for delivery. However, you cannot be pregnant and then try to purchase the plan.

Betty asks…

anthem blue cross/blue shield- adding maternity to my policy?

I live in ohio and my insurance company is Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Currently I do not have any maternity/pregnancy coverage. How much will this cost to add, as my fiancee and I are in the process of trying to get pregnant.

I pay $133 a month right now, what can I expect my rate to go up to by adding the extra coverage?
mbrcatz, you can kiss my ass.

Sarah Fields answers:

It depends on the benefits you choose, but the range could be $150 to $350 per month extra. You will also have a waiting period of 12 months in most cases before you can get pregnant. Call your agent for more information and exact figures.

Thomas asks…

getting maternity coverage and wondering…?

if these questions are good questions or if I am missing anything? If you have a question I should ask please let me know!! Thanks!!!

•Co-Pay for prenatal office visits, are they covered?
•Prescription Coverage
•Deductable for me
•Deductable for baby (or family ded)
•Coverage on lab work & testing
•Coverage on NON- Routine test (genetic testing)
•# of ultra sounds that are covered
•Length of hospital stay that insurance covers
•Coverage of a c-section VS: vaginal birth
•% of total cost we will likely pay
•How much it covers after $2,500? 100% or certain amount
•What happens if we got pregnant before the 90days? Will you still cover us or are we out of luck?

Thats all I have so far… Right now we have insurance but NOT maternity insurance and they are saying we have to wait 90 days to get pregnant… Thats why my one questions asks what happens if we got pregnant before 90days..

ANY advice would be GREAT!!!


we’ve been ttc#1 for 8 months
this isnt a new job. we actaully own a company and have to have self employeed insurance. so it’s not as great as some major business would have insurance for.

Sarah Fields answers:

I am confused, you have insurance but they say you have to wait 90 days to get pregnant? Is this a new job you need to wait 90 days before coverage completely starts? My insurance covered most up to a certain point (paid OB doctors 5 payments of $76 to cover what my insurance wouldn’t, but will vary per doctors office and what they charge for each thing) and they really covered very few of the blood tests and lab work i needed done while pregnant so make sure you see what blood work they cover because that ate up a chuck of change while i was pregnant.

I would also see if you are eligible for any state assistance if this is the case. Sounds like you have a screwy insurance company. I had insurance with BCBS and ohh make sure you check how they cover shots and such after the baby was born. That is where we started ending up with $500 bills here and $1000 bills there from what insurance would not cover b/c we had already met our quota for the year. I had my son last march and with his insurance with BCBS we paid out of pocket a total of $3000 just from hospital bills for having him and a two day stay b/c of waiting for his circumcision, that doesn’t cover the pediatric brain specialist he had to see for a certain issue and his doctors visits after birth, the visits were covered and his first round of shots, then all of a sudden i get a $556 bill from the pediatrician for his second round of shots. Depending on where you live most kids get 3 to 4 rounds of shots in the first year so we now go to the local health department for shots since they are free and i actually like the fact they are newer specimens because of how often they give shots, at a doctors office who knows how long they have been sitting there.

With one of my daughters everything was covered because i had state assisted medicaid, and they covered it ALL as long as you go to the health department for shots, i am applying for medicaid again because i stay at home and insurance at his new job is almost 4 times what we paid at his last job for a family of 5. With medicaid they covered all my pregnancy visits and most doctors accept state coverage as long as you have been to their offices before. I would really look into what your state covers and if they can be of help especially with the high cost of insurance and what doctors offices can charge for the first year.

I would really look into anything that can go wrong also just in case to cover your bases after birth, do they cover, pediatric heart specialists, my daughter has a small hole inside her two lower valves and will go away by the time she is 4, a really common thing in children that is oftern overlooked or missed but i have a GREAT pediatrician who caught it on her first visit at a few days old, it only means she has to have antibiotics if she has tattoos, piecings or any dental work done till she is older. Medicaid covers it but her visit during our stint with BCBS i had the copay and part of the doctors check up to pay for. Not inconvenient and not tooo high priced but still insurance should be there to help you and most of the companies don’t. REALLY check them out thoughly and read all the info they give you and even check their website, i got alot of info off the BCBS website, things i never would have thought of while i was pregnant. They are different per state and had we lived somewhere else or had a better coverage thru his company it may have been better but with what we were offered and what they part covered it was really not good.

Really research carefully and fully, check and and see their boards for ideas of what to look for. I only give you my experience and things to check on. Your insurance could be completely different and be wonderful. I had a great insurance that covered almost EVERYTHING when i had my 9 year old but i lived in Ohio and had a wonderful company to deal with there. I’ve only had the problem in south carolina and in just the past year so I would make sure you do your homework.

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