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Maternity Insurance Ohio Question & Answers

2013 October 31
by Sarah Fields

Richard asks…

Can I add my girlfriend to my health insurance ?

My girlfriend got pregnant while on her insurance from work she lost her job due to lifting restrictions and now no longer has insurance. I started a new job which offers insurance or I can buy insurance on my own . I basically want to know if I add her will she be covered since she’s pregnant. I live in Ohio .

Sarah Fields answers:

If you get married you can add her to the group policy through your employer. If you are married the group policy must accept her and they must cover her maternity costs. You cannot add her to the group or to your own if you are not married. She will not be able to get an individual policy since she is already pregnant.

Charles asks…

I am 13 weeks pregnant, on Medi-cal, and work part time in CA but I’d like to move with my boyfriend in Ohio?

I am 13 weeks pregnant and am currently working in CA. I am on medi-cal. I’d like to move to OH but am concerned about getting insurance and finding work in OH (that would allow for maternity leave and disability). What should I do?

Sarah Fields answers:

Maternity leave laws are federal (they cover all states). You are allowed 6 weeks without loss of position or having to go back to starting wage. If Medi-cal is state funded insurance it exists in all states. There may be some elapsed time in coverage though. Your best bet is to have your boyfriend get the applications for you and go to the department of social services in his area with the completed application along with your current medical cards. Good luck.

Sandy asks…

I’m pregnant, what will my employer legally have to provide me if I don’t qualify for FMLA?

I will have been at my employer for about 4 months at the time I give birth, provided I go full term. I recently switched jobs, and this employer does provide insurance as well as a family benefit option. What are my legal rights in the state of Ohio regarding taking maternity leave and continuing to have insurance coverage for myself, and adding my baby to my policy during this time? Am I entitled to any time off, can any of it be paid through my employer or other avenues, and again, the big question: will my baby and I be legally entitled to continue the insurance coverage during any time off taken? I’ve been doing internet research myself and coming up short to the answers I want. In case it comes up, the baby’s father is unfortunately not involved and does not have insurance that he would be able to share anyways.

Sarah Fields answers:

Your employer is not legally obliged to provide you with anything not stated in your employment contract.

If your employment contract covers time off, you can take it- whether it is paid or not depends on the benefits they offer.

You should be allowed to add your child at the time of birth if you are still an employee. However, if you are not working some employers have the employees cover the insurance premiums during that time.

You are not “entitled” to anything. To see what benefits you are offered then I suggest you go to the Human Resources department or speak directly with your employer.

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