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Maternity Insurance Question & Answers

2014 May 19
by Sarah Fields

James asks…

What in the world does one do without maternity insurance?

I am a divorced mother of a 6 year old that I was able to have through invitro. I could never get pregnant w/in 10 years of unprotective sex with my ex. I have been with someone who is my fiance for 2 years and got pregnant. I work for an employer who does not offer insurance but the self insurance I do have, maternity benefits was just an option. An infertile person age 35 does not even think of buying maternity insurance yet use birth control! C’mon, miracales happen but when 2 fertility doctors tell you that your tubes are scarred and your eggs are not quality to be fertilized on their own, maternity insurance is a universe away…i am 20 weeks and have been paying out of my ass for the appts. I don’t qualify for medicaid because I make way too much. I’ve even contemplated cutting my hours just to get medicaid but I’m just not sure. My fiance as well works for a small family based business that he buys his own insurance as well. Am I just SOL w/a $10-15k bill?

Sarah Fields answers:

When I was pregnant with my son I was self insured and the insurance did not cover maternity but I found a plan from Regence Blue Shield that I switched my coverage to (I was three months pregnant). It not only covered maternity but it did not consider it a pre-existing condition so the coverage was immediate. It might be worth speaking with an insurance broker to see what your options are. Good Luck!

And don’t despair, even if you cannot find coverage there are options available. I know some hospitals give a discount for self pay and most will set up payment plans.

Susan asks…

Can i still benefit the PhilHealth maternity insurance?

If i will apply now in Philippine Health Insurance,can i still benefit the maternity insurance even i am already 4 months pregnant?

Sarah Fields answers:

No, to avail of PhilHealth Maternity Care Package, an individually paying member should comply with the rule on sufficient regularity of premium contributions and should have at least nine (9) months or three (3) quarters of premium payments in the immediate twelve (12) months prior to delivery. However, IPP enrolled as a group or through the IPP-OWWA program and for all other types of membership need not satisfy the sufficient regularity rule and rare governed by current eligibility requirements.

Ken asks…

what is the best maternity insurance?

my husband and i are ttc and i am trying to find some maternity insurance for when i get pregnant. we make too much to qualify for medicaid or any government funded insurance.
ive looked at a few different companies but im wondering which is the best. monthy price isnt an issue, quality is whats important. thanks!

Sarah Fields answers:

We have Humana and we are pleased with it. All of my OB charges are covered at 100%, my hospital is covered and all I have to pay is $150/day up to $450 for both babies and I. They also have a nurse on call service which is amazing.

**I live in Louisiana too but we make too much money to qualify for anything. They are saying that a family of 4 is allowed to make $45000. How can a family of 4 survive on $45000/year?

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