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Maternity Insurance Question & Answers

2016 January 19
by Sarah Fields

Paul asks…

What is the best health insurance company to go through for maternity insurance.?

What is the best maternity health insurance company to go to in Tennessee. Me and my hubby want to start having a family and need to get some insurance.

Sarah Fields answers:

Check out this site.

John asks…

How to quickly get maternity insurance?

So I just found out I magically got pregnant again somehow and need insurance. I have not worked since having my son a year ago and my boyfriend and I are not married so his work insurance only covers my child and him. I don’t need lectures on how we need to get married, we have been together 6 years and are saving everything we can for a wedding worth having. Anyways, does anyone have suggestions on how to get quick maternity insurance and with what companies would be the best…much appreciated

Sarah Fields answers:

I doubt you can.

And even if you could – would be exorbitant money.

Have you tried calling any insurance agencies?

Don’t need lectures, huh?

“Saving for a wedding worth having”?

What wedding is worth having if you have two kids in attendance and up to your eyeballs in medical bills?

Likely you will need to take what you’ve been saving toward this “wedding worth having” and apply to medical bills.

You do realize that people think a big splashy expensive wedding in your situation is the silliest thing ever – right?

Michael asks…

I have insurance through my current employer, but will be resigning in about a month to move and start a new?

job. I am 17 weeks pregnant, and have maternity insurance with my current employer. My new employer does not offer insurance coverage. Will COBRA cover the remainder of my pregnancy, so that I can have the same benefits that I currently have? Then after my child’s birth, we can be added onto my husband’s private insurance?
My new job is for my family’s business, so maternity leave and job security are not an issue.

Sarah Fields answers:

When you say “private” insurance, do you really mean individual insurance? Not through a group or company? If this is what you mean, it’s up to the insurance company if they want to add you.

Yes, you can take COBRA for 18 months. It will cost you 100% of the premium (no longer a company discount) + 2% administrative fees.

This is off subject – but do you realize that you will have no job protection when you are on maternity leave? For FMLA you have to have worked for the company for 1 year. There are a few states that say only 6 months but you won’t have reached that each at the time your child is born.

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