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Maternity Insurance Question & Answers

2013 July 22
by Sarah Fields

William asks…

Do i need maternity insurance when I already have health insurance?

Just found out we were expecting… I am using Aetna health insurance, Do I need to add maternity insurance? Does it make a difference?

Sarah Fields answers:

If your policy doesnt cover maternity then yes you need maternity insurance. Regular insurance wont cover and maternity costs.
If you are pregnant but dont have maternity coverage through aetna already, they wont give it to you now that you know you are pregnant.

Joseph asks…

How much does it cost to get a good maternity insurance?

I am interested in getting a maternity insurance to avoid paying huge amounts of money for the expenses involved in a pregnancy (9 months + delivery). Where can I get that? How much does it cost? What does it cover? Does it matter if the pregnancy is already in progress, in other words, is it harder to get insurance? is it more expensive? (BTW, I am foreign, and I live in Texas)

Sarah Fields answers:

Hi! I am not here to judge you and tell you to go back to your own country…as many will say. I am not in your shoes so I will only answer the question.

Normally I would say that if you are unable to pay for prenatal care or insurance to call your local Department of Social Services and go in for an interview and to sign up for benefits. Pregnant women, without income and unmarried (or even married) are entitled to health benefits, WIC, and possible food stamps. The insurance will pay for all of the doctor’s visits, sonograms, prenatal vitamins, any other medications and the delivery.

That being said, if you do not have a green card, or a social security number, I don’t know how that works…but I KNOW you cannot be denied medical care. ( I actually called this morning to my local SS department here in MD…haven’t gotten a call back yet but I will EDIT once I do. My husband is in the Coast Guard and I will also ask him once I get a hold of him)

If you do not qualify for medical assistance, you can/ go to any prenatal clinic in your area. They charge on a Sliding Scale – which is a % of what you can afford. Parkland Memorial Hospital there in Texas has MANY clinics also!! It is important for you (and your baby) to get prenatal care. Regardless of how well you take care of yourself and even if you take OTC, over the counter, prenatal vitamins, only a DR can predict if something is going wrong by the tests they preform. Many things can be prevented if caught early!

BEST of luck to you!!

If you can afford private insurance, I suggest you Google

EDIT: I called the local SS Depth here in my area and they informed me That HERE, if applied for, only the birth and hospital stay would be covered. It would not cover prenatal care. It varies from state to state and from county to county.
Call your local SS and ask;)

Ken asks…

I have a question about maternity insurance. Will it be a smart move to get off maternity insurance.?

I recently had a baby so now to cut costs will it be ok if i cancel my maternity insurance. do women keep maternity insurance only if they r planning to have a baby or all the time? p.s. i am using birth control.

Sarah Fields answers:

If you get pregnant and you have no maternity the insurance co. Will not add it. If you decide to try and get pregnant you have to get it approved by your insurance. Either one of these options could also cause you to be dropped by your insurance. It’s best to keep it until you are done having children.

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