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Maternity Insurance Texas Question & Answers

2014 April 16
by Sarah Fields

Steven asks…

How can we get some kind of maternity benefits?

We live in Texas, we have insurance and disabilty insurance through work but disability insurance won’t kick in till January 2011. So, is there anything else out there that I may not know about such as Government programs while being on maternity leave?

Sarah Fields answers:

Just because we are being screwed by the government does not mean it will pay for our getting pregnant. That expense is one you opt for when allowing her to get pregnant.

Mary asks…

Family Health insurance for pregnant women?

Hello. I am planning in the near future to have children with my wife. I have health insurance coverage through my job but I am unsure of the stability of the work so I am deciding to have a plan on the side just in case. I would like to know any suggestions about which company/plan/ route anything you want to call it to go for having Family health care especially for a pregnant woman and youngsters. Thank you very much.

Sarah Fields answers:

Good luck with that.

Thanks to the Health Reform Act, the vast majority of insurance companies will no longer sell any kind of maternity benefits.

I know of ONE company here in Texas that will – and they have a $5,000 deductible – so you pay the first $5K. Not much more than a prepayment plan.

My suggestion, is find a job with more security, that still has health insurance. You’re probably only going to find maternity coverage on a group plan.

Ruth asks…

Are there any insurance companies that will cover pregnancy in texas?

I am 7w4d pregnant and without health insurance. I have been getting check-ups at a local clinic but I really need to find a doctor. I have not found an insurance policy that will cover maternity costs though. I’ve heard Medicaid has strict eligibility and is almost impossible to get if the dad is present in the baby’s life,which in my situation he will be. Does anyone know of ANY insurance policies that will cover pregnancy?

Sarah Fields answers:

Not true. Yes it does take long, but since your pregnant it will not take as long. I had a job, no insurance and dad was present. I got medicaid for both pregnancies and if your income is a lil higher then they give you something called CHIP Perinatal.

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