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Maternity Insurance Texas Question & Answers

2015 November 13
by Sarah Fields

Chris asks…

Where to find insurance with maternity care?

I live in Texas and am about 8 weeks pregnant. I’m looking for health insurance with maternity care. Where should I look? It would be my own insurance, not through the employer. Any suggestion? Best way to deal with a pregnancy financially? I am not eligible for medicare. Thanks!

Sarah Fields answers:

I doubt you will find an insurer who will cover you since you’re already pregnant.You have a preexisting condition.

Sharon asks…

Does anyone know of medical insurance I can purchase in the state of Texas that would cover maternity?

I’m not too sure if I were to get on regular medical insurance if a pregnancy would be covered or if I need medical insurance that covers maternity. I’ve called several insurance agencies and no one seems to carry maternity in the state of Texas.

Sarah Fields answers:

Huh? Every medical insurance plan we have been on in Texas has covered maternity. You don’t think that every child born in Texas is paid in cash?

Call any major provider of insurance. Does your employer not offer insurance?

Lizzie asks…

has anyone ever used Optimum One Health Benefits to pay for their pregnancy?

We are in Houston Texas and we are planning our second baby. My husband’s insurance through work is extremely expensive, so I am insured on my own through Humana One, my insurance does not cover pregnancy unless something goes wrong. I found from an agent that Optimum One Health will cover some of the expenses. I wonder if it really works. Any ideas?

Sarah Fields answers:

This is a limited medical plan. You may want to take a look at their brochure where it states maternity, normal pregnancy or childbirth is not covered except for complications of pregnancy.

You need to speak with a real insurance agent. There are some hospital plans which will pay when you go into the hospital even for delivery.

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