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Maternity Insurance Texas Question & Answers

2013 November 10
by Sarah Fields

Charles asks…

What is the best insurance to buy for maternity care?

My husband and I had tricare but he is out of the military now, so we are looking for good insurance as we are currently ttc. Thanks!

Sarah Fields answers:

Good luck on that. Since the Health Reform Act, most insurance companies have stopped selling maternity coverage. When you DO find someone, you have to buy it a full year in advance of conceiving (so if you don’t want to self pay, you should probably stop TTC).

Here in Texas, there’s ONE insurance company that sells it – it costs about $300 a month, you have to purchase it three months before conceiving, AND it has a $5,000 deductible.

The only way you get decent maternity coverage these days, is on a group policy through an employer.

George asks…

How can we get some kind of maternity benefits?

We live in Texas, we have insurance and disabilty insurance through work but disability insurance won’t kick in till January 2011. So, is there anything else out there that I may not know about such as Government programs while being on maternity leave?

Sarah Fields answers:

I’m in TX too (DFW) and there isn’t anything. The only governement programs that can help are like WIC, to help with foods. There’s nothing about wanting to take off from a job without a dr saying you need to. But, I do believe that if you have a dr sign paperwork saying that you need to be on bedrest, you can get unemployment insurance (until you go back to work). It’s only 50%, but better than nothing.

Steven asks…

Would I benefit more with the schools health insurance options or private insurance?

I teach in texas at FWISD. Im planning to get pregnant and to upgrade to the best health insurance option. The deductibles my district provides are very high-around 3,000 with monthly payment of $170 per month. What are my options with private health insurance?

Sarah Fields answers:

Because of healthcare reform your options with private health insurance covering maternity are limited to one plan in Texas and will cost you more than you’re currently paying because the employer will not contribute anything to the private plan. Stay where you are.

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