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Maternity Insurance Utah Question & Answers

2013 December 4
by Sarah Fields

Maria asks…

What happens to your supplemental insurance through Aflac if you move?

Hi, I have supplemental “maternityinsurance through Aflac. It’s actually a hospital indemnity plan that pays out if you go to the hospital, and since I am definitely going to the hospital when I give birth, this is a good idea. Many of my friends did it, and my sisters in law too.

But I’m just curious; we just moved from Utah to Texas. Will this effect my coverage with aflac? Have any of you moved while using aflac insurance (be it for maternity issues or not)? What (if anything) do you have to do before you make a claim?

Sarah Fields answers:

Most supplemental plans are transferable regardless of location so you shouldnt have any issues.
But I would call Aflac to verify before just in case.

Donna asks…

Maternity leave…options?

Hi all! I am due in September to have a baby girl. I am a temp at the company I work for so I had no insurance when I got pregnant. Luckily I barely qualified to get on AHCCCS (AZ’s medicaid) thank goodness. Well I am getting really nervous about being able to survive financially for 6 (or so?) weeks when I have my baby. Is there any options out there or ideas? Have you ever been in this situation?

Thanks for your answers!

Sarah Fields answers:

I’m not as current on this as I used to be, and we are in different states, but I hope this gives you a few ideas to start with. Visit your medicaid office and ask about cash and food benefits. As far as rent goes, you may qualify for temporary subsidized housing benefits. In Utah, some single parents can qualify once a year for a lump sum cash benefit IF they are not receiving regular monthly cash benefits. In my case, I had several children ( 4 to be precise), and was working full time. I qualified for a one time sum of about $1400. This particular benefit was instituted specifically for times when single parents had situations in which they were unable to meet their financial obligations. It was cheaper for the state,and easier for parents who were working hard to swallow their pride once, than giving/getting typical cash welfare benefits every month to those people we all can’t stand that spend their time sitting on their butts being continuously unemployed.

FMLA offers a 12 week unpaid leave available every 12 month period that you work. This benefit insures your job when you return from having your baby. Your employer must keep a comparable job open for you~ both in work duties and wages, if not the original job you left. Contact your HR person for the federal FMLA forms and procedures specific to your company. I just finished filling mine out and filing. FMLA requires 30 days notice, and there are various ways to qualify for this benefit, including but not limited to pregnancy, adoption and placement of a child, taking care of a family member with a major medical need, recurring personal medical conditions, need for major medical procedures,etc. FMLA leave can be taken all or in part. In my case, the twins are due July 16, but I know I will not be allowed to carry them past the end of June, so I applied for leave from June 1 through August 24. You must be able to document your need for this benefit through doctors’ notes, etc, and you must keep in contact with your employer every 30 days to maintain your intent to return to work.

The best place to get more information is your local medicaid office. Make sure your worker knows that you intend to return to work ,and he/she will be able to set you up with child care benefits after the lil princess comes out to play. Also, they can provide the number for WIC, which is WONDERFUL.

Also… I know things are tight with getting ready for the lil princess, but if you can, try and set up a savings account NOW, and save at LEAST an amount equal to one month’s worth of rent. That will make things a LOT easier for you. Two months would be even better, but only if it’s a realistic possibility. I did this with my income tax return, and paid 3 and a half months rent at once, so I could save funds for when the twins got here, and for when I am on bed rest, etc.

Holy cow, that was a long, boring speech. LOL Sorry, hon. Let me know how it all works out. Take EVERY opportunity you are given for help, through your church or community programs as well. Good luck!! Keep me posted.

Daniel asks…

Health department questions?

My wife and I just found out about a week ago that she is pregnant. It was kind of sudden and we have no insurance (you have to have the maternity rider added on before you get pregnant!) Anyway we cant really afford the doctor bills. A friend told me to go to the Health department. But is that safe? Will she and the baby be taken care of properly? I want the best for her while watching our money. Will she get ultrasounds? Any help would be great. Thank you

Sarah Fields answers:

I know it’s different in other states, but I live in Utah. They give you a card (If you qualify) That gives your wife and the baby medical care for free. It doesn’t cover you but you will not have to worry about the cost of the baby. Go to the health department they will give you all the info you need to make a good decision. And just because you go does not mean you have to complete any programs. Good luck!

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