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Questions About Baby Health Insurance California

2013 June 26
by Tim Thompson

Susan asks…

Would I miss out on free Baby Insurance if I get married?

I’m 20 and have recently found out I am pregnant, and my boyfriend and I are thrilled! We would LOVE to get married, but we don’t want our baby to miss out on any opportunities once we tie the knot! I live in Southern California, and would like to know if anybody has any more information on this topic. Oh and his job does NOT offer health insurance. :( Somebody has suggested IEHP, but I cant seem to find any more information on it.

Tim Thompson answers:

IEHP stands for Inland Empire Health Plan. This program is for people who live in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. To get into the plan you must qualify for one of three government assistance programs: Medi-Cal, Healthy Families, or Healthy Kids. These last three programs have income qualification limits. The Healthy Families and Health Kids programs provide baby health insurance for low-income families in California.

Another programs available in California is the Aid For Infants and Mothers (AIM) program. This program offers low-cost insurance for mothers that don’t qualify for Medi-Cal because their income is slightly higher than the Medi-Cal limits.

I usually don’t say anything about women that ask me to help them get insurance for themselves or their babies and are honestly trying to find a solution to their financial dilemma. I tell by the tone of their voice they are worried about how they will pay for everything.

You, however, sound completely different. “We don’t want to miss out on any opportunities.” You’re just looking for a way to get everybody in California to pay for your baby, based upon what you’ve shared. That I can’t condone.

Please do the right thing and work with your boyfriend to pay for your baby. That’s the first step towards being responsible parents. Take responsibility for your own actions.

If you take that step, and would then like some help in reducing the out-of-pocket costs for the prenatal visits and the delivery, I would be happy to share some great tips to cut the costs by over half.

To get baby health insurance california moms need choices

Maria asks…

I’m 18 and pregnant, Is there anywhere that gives assistance?

I was wondering if anyone knew any places in California that give assistance to mothers. I am looking into getting health insurance for the baby. But as far as after birth I will probably need assistance with diapers and such. I have heard of WIC but I don’t know exactly if they give you coupons for diapers I know they do it with formula, does anyone have any knowledge of WIC? All help is appreciated so thank you.

I will be enrolled in junior college as well.

Tim Thompson answers:

You should be able to call family services and get on Medi-Cal which will cover you during your pregnancy and delivery. As long as your monthly income is less than about $950 you should be able to qualify. If not, then try the AIM program (Aid for Infants and Mothers), which is a low-cost program for mothers that don’t qualify for Medi-Cal.

After the baby is born it will qualify for the Healthy Families program. This is a very low-cost baby insurance program. To enroll in this low-cost baby health insurance California moms can ask the Medi-Cal program to transfer the baby directly.

As for diapers, I don’t know if the WIC program covers those items. You’ll need to call the local department for family services and ask. Good luck and congrats !!

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