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Questions About Baby Insurance

2013 May 20
by Tim Thompson

Joseph asks…

How does baby insurance work for my unborn child (Due anyday now)?

I am due anyday now and I do not understand how I am supposed to get my baby insurance if she doesnt have a SS# yet. Is she on my insurance for the first month? We are a little low on money so she was going to go on CHIP. I think. How does all this work? I’m so new at this! Help?

Tim Thompson answers:

For the first 30 days after your baby is born she will be covered on your health insurance plan. After she is born you can get her a Social Security number and fill out the paperwork to qualify for the Cildrens Health Insurance Plan (CHIP). Here’s is a great resource for How To Get Health Insurance For My New Baby?

Susan asks…

How much does it cost for Live Birth in California without insurance?

Hi, I’m pregnant and I was trying to figure out how much I would have to pay to have my baby without insurance in California? Is there anyone out there who was in my position and has any idea of the cost? Thanks!

Tim Thompson answers:

In the San Diego area a hospital birth can cost between $7,000 and $12,000 for a normal birth without complications. Lower cost options are local birthing centers and the use of Midwives. San Diego Midwife charges a flat $4,500 fee for everything, including the prenatal care and home delivery costs. The typical local birthing centers charge a flat fee of $2,500 to $4,000 for the birth, or on a sliding scale for families with lower income (so the fee depends upon your income level). All the prenatal visits and labs are charged to you as they happen, and those add about $1,500 to the total cost.

Hope this helps you out, and good luck!


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