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Questions About Health Insurance In California

2013 May 24
by Tim Thompson

Joseph asks…

Can you buy health insurance in California if you don’t have a Social Security number?

It seems like in the USA, you can’t do anything without a social security number…

Can you buy health insurance in California if you don’t have a Social Security number?

If yes, please let me know where/how?

I won’t be able to get a social security number for another 6 months or so…

Thanks in advance!

Tim Thompson answers:

You have to be careful with people who just answer off the cuff and don’t know the real truth. For example, this answer you received is totally wrong:

Although it’s not illegal, the only way you can actually buy health insurance in the USA, without a social security number (which means, you have to be a legal resident), is if you’re getting it through your employer.

But you won’t be able to buy PRIVATE health insurance without that SS number.

Certain insurance companies will allow you to apply for health insurance in California without a social security number. Anthem Blue Cross and Cigna will allow this.

These insurance companies understand that California has a higher incidence of legitimate immigrants coming to live (or work) in the US and not possessing a social security number for a period of time. For example, both foreign exchange students and non-working foreign spouses of US citizens don’t usually have (or need) social security numbers.

Hope this helps!

Daniel asks…

What health insurance companies in California are available for a 62 person with Diabetes?

62 year old needs health insurance in California. She has type 2 diabetes which has been under control for several years. However, she is ready to retire because no company will hire her.

How can she find health insurance?

Tim Thompson answers:

Getting health insurance for someone who has Type 2 Diabetes can be challenging. The insurance companies view this as a pre-existing condition that could become much worse, unless properly managed. As a result, a few of the major health insurance companies in California will immediately decline an application.

You can get health insurance in California as a diabeticThere are others that might accept a person with Type 2 Diabetes, provided the person has good A1C test results. The A1C test measures long-term blood sugar levels.

What I would recommend is talking to a broker about submitting “Pre=Screen” requests to the major insurance companies to see how they would treat an application from this Diabetic. That way you can determine which health insurance California companies to apply with.

After you get the results from the pre-screens, I would recommend applying simultaneously with the 2 health insurance companies that would treat the application most favorably. Then you can choose the best result and accept the policy that ends up being the best deal.

If you’d like help doing the pre-screens, just call our office and an advisor will help you.

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