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Questions About Health Insurance Quotes

2013 June 22
by Tim Thompson

Sharon asks…

Is it safe to buy a health insurance policy over the internet using a credit card?

I was thinking of buying an insurance plan online… but I wanted to use my credit card. Is it safe?

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Tim Thompson answers:

Hi Sharon,

In today’s internet shopping world, most health insurance brokers use online application portals into each health insurance company.  Any information you enter is protected by the security of the health insurance company.  The broker does not see your credit card information.

The key is  to use a reputable health insurance quotes site.  Be forewarned that there are many quote websites set up to capture your contact information and then sell it to agents and brokers.  So you have to be a little careful and look for some key things on the website, before you enter your private information.

I’ve written a great article that outlines what to look for in order to determine if the site you’ve found is going to give you instant quotes, or just sell your information.  The article is called “San Diego Medical Insurance Quotes – Avoid Rogue Websites” and the warning signs it outlines always work.

Here’s a video from a site that looks normal, but it asks for your home address, and then tells you in their privacy policy that they will give your contact info to agents in the 2nd paragraph of the “2. Usage and Sharing”” section.

Once you’ve found a good website to get quotes from, you will see that the quote also gives you the ability to start an online application for the plan you want.  This is the fastest and most secure way to get an application submitted to a health insurance company.

As for actually using your credit care to buy health insurance, the carriers don’t allow monthly payments using cards anymore.  You have the option to pay with a monthly debit to your checking account, or receiving a bill.  When you submit the application you are given the option to pay the 1st month’s premium by credit card, and if you select this option, you will then get monthly bills thereafter.

Laura asks…

which is the best health insurance quotes website?

I just wanna know which is the best insurance quotes website?

Tim Thompson answers:

Defining the “best” health insurance quotes website is a little vague.  What qualifies as the best for you may be bad for someone else.

If you’re just looking for instant quotes, then any trustworthy health insurance website will work.  Make sure the site provides quotes from all the major insurance companies in your marketplace.  On this type of site, YOU will do all the work of determining what play is right for your needs.

If you are looking for recommendations, information about plans that are good for specific circumstances, and instant quotes, then you will find it harder to locate a site like that.  However, you are reading this so you have reached one of only a few sites with all those qualities.

If you’d like a website that provides quotes from all the major insurance companies, and has a local presence so you can ask questions, then you’ll want to let Google help you out.  Type “health insurance” and your local city name in the search and then focus on the entries that show up in the map in the upper right corner.  Those companies are local and will have a phone number displayed on the search page.

As always, be careful about health insurance quote websites that are set up just to capture your information.

Good luck!

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