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San Diego Chargers Question & Answers

2015 October 31
by Sarah Fields

Donald asks…

How many more San Diego Chargers do the Jets need to beat the Colts in the playoffs?

It’s a FACT that the Colts are 0-2 against the San Diego Chargers when facing them in the playoffs. So is that the strategy that the New York Jets have? Sign as many San Diego players as they can? First Antonio Cromarte and now LADAINIAN TOMLINSON?

Sarah Fields answers:

Its a FACT that the Colts have been to the Superbowl twice as many times as the Chargers have. Jk i really do hope the Colts play the Chargers for the AFC Championship for two reasons A) so people can stop talking about us losing to you B) I believe were the two best AFC teams

Linda asks…

How does paying for NFL San Diego Chargers Playoff tickets work?

I am a season ticket holder of the San Diego Chargers and they offered playoff tickets for season ticket holders. The amount came to $520 for two seats. Is this cost for 1 game or ALL the playoffs?

Sarah Fields answers:

I’m not sure but that price sounds decent enough for one game in the playoffs but I’m not 100% sure

Go Chargers!

Lisa asks…

What are some other teams that you think are comparable to the San Diego Chargers?

Who would you rank as being as good as the San Diego Chargers? Obviously they’re not one of the top 5 in NFL like they were a few years ago, but they’re clearly not the worst either. So who are some teams that YOU think are comparable? Teams you would put in the same category?

Sarah Fields answers:

They are like the Cowboys of the AFC.

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