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San Diego Comic Con Question & Answers

2015 May 16
by Sarah Fields

Richard asks…

What are they shouting at the san diego comic con masquerade ball?

At the Masquerade Ball of the San Diego Comic Con, when they announce each new entry, the hosts say, “Entry number…” And the crowd shouts out the number, and then several phrases. What are they saying?

Sarah Fields answers:

It’s definitely a lottery to determine the first of you fags to get stoned to death.
They’re going to get yu all before the whole thing is over.

Mary asks…

How much does a San Diego Comic-Con Ticket cost?

I’m planning on going next year to the San Diego Comic-Con, and I’m just curious, what is the ticket price? The convention’s website says “Sold Out” on tickets and packages and hence no prices are posted so please don’t forward me to the site.
Thank You :)

Sarah Fields answers:

It depends on when you register. The earlier you register, the cheaper it is. If you buy at the 2010 con for 2011, 4 day passes are $105, thus-sat are $37 each day, sun is $20. Prices will likely go up when they are available online.

Steven asks…

What time does the Sail Pavillion open at San Diego Comic Con?

What time does the Sail Pavillion open at San Diego Comic Con? Thanks!

Sarah Fields answers:

10:00 AM

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