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San Diego Craigslist Question & Answers

2014 January 3
by Sarah Fields

Daniel asks…

Moving to San Diego and I looking for an apartment any good search sites other than craigslist there?

From MN looking for an apartment in San Diego I cant find any in my search I am wondering if anyone local knows of a better way to search apartments there or how people there usually find apartments other than seeing signs and craigslist as craigslist is 90% scams now. If you could let me know some great sites esp local ones i would appreciate it!

Sarah Fields answers:

Better to look in person when you get there. Find a residential hotel or rent a room by the week and look around the areas. Do not go for anything online except property management companies or a rental service where you pay a fee. I venture to say the rents will be 3 x what you pay in Montana.

Chris asks…

what is the most affordable way to live in san diego?

i was offered a job for $85,000 in san diego. if i rented i san diego for $500 including utilities, would it be a logical to purchase property in Chicago (where im from), since its much more affordable, and rent out the property to cover my cost of living in SD? I would be able to take a tax credit, gain equity, and be able to expense travel to chicago to check on my property on my taxes. any thoughts?
update: i saw craigslist ads for 500ish from people looking to rent out rooms in their homes; i assume to cover the high cost of housing. i expect to work long hours, so im not looking for a lavish place to stay, just sleep. my accountant says travel to chicago can be a writeoff as a business expense since i already own property in chicago. thanks for all your input so far!

Sarah Fields answers:

It is relatively expensive to rent in San Diego, I know a lot of people living with roommates who are paying more than $750 each.

I do not see how buying property in Chicago could help you out. I would invest the money and look for an opportunity to purchase a property in San Diego, but you will be shocked at how much property costs here. You might want to find a roomate as soon as you can upon moving here, try Craigslist for San Diego as a start.

If you attend church, you can often find rooms for rent on a bulletin board there.

Good Luck.

Ken asks…

What is the best way to find houses for rent in san diego?

I am trying to find a house for rent in san diego but most of the websites I go to don’t have many options. I know there are tons of houses for rent in San Diego. How can I find them?

Sarah Fields answers:


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