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San Diego News Question & Answers

2013 November 22
by Sarah Fields

Carol asks…

I am getting Chicago local news and I live in San Diego. How can I get local news on my Yahoo home page?

I want my local news back. I was getting San Diego, Ca news, but for some reason now I get Chicago news instead. What is the problem, and what do I do?

Sarah Fields answers:

Simply go to the Yahoo Home Page, scroll down about half way and change the tab “Local” to the city you desire.

Ruth asks…

How to find older archived local news?

Hi, I’m trying to find out how I can look up a local (San Diego) news story about an accident that happened 5 years ago (10/21/07). I’ve looked through local news sites and see stories about car accidents/dui’s/things of that nature so I think it’s safe to assume they’d have something about the major motorcycle accident I’m trying to look up. Looking through the local news sites I can’t find a archive thing. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Sarah Fields answers:

You may want to try searching Google News with the name of the accident victim or other identifying details. Some papers also allow access to their archives – online or otherwise – for a nominal fee. Maybe you can check with your local daily.

Sandra asks…

What time in the morning does San Diego 6 news come on?

For those people who live in San Diego of course, or know.

Sarah Fields answers:

6 a.m.

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