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San Diego Padres Question & Answers

2014 March 26
by Sarah Fields

Carol asks…

how much does it cost to buy the san diego padres?

how much does it cost to buy the san diego padres?

Sarah Fields answers:

A lot of money. And hey how come u have the same name as me?

Nancy asks…

Where is in San Diego any San Diego Padres fan store?

I am going to make a trip to san diego and i really like baseball. So i want some fan t-shirts of san diego padres. Thanks for answear.

Sarah Fields answers:

Im sure you can go to any sports store around there (Sports Authority, Dick’s), and they will have plenty of Padres shirts there.

Sharon asks…

How come the Boston Red Sox have to play 1st place Phillies while the Yankees play the lowly 10 games under?

500 San Diego Padres?
Cuddleyfool FYI Im not a Red Sox Fan and Secondly it wouldnt take a genious to know that the Phillies would be up on top at this time! Cheez what a gurlyman you are.

Sarah Fields answers:

The schedule is what it is, but I just scored Red Sox versus Yankees tickets for $40 first base side 7th row! Go to and use the code gbcvb at checkout it gives you 25% off. Hurry up and tell everyone before they figure it out, I found it on a blog from like 5 years ago before they were expensive!

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