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Sharp Health Insurance San Diego Question & Answers

2013 September 24
by Sarah Fields

Betty asks…

Looking for Prenancy Hospital in San Diego and Best effort Maternity Insurance…Please help me.?

I just married and move to San Diego, and now searching for ob/gyn.

I heard that Sharp Mary Birch hopital is The Best in San Diego for prenancy and marternity. But I don’t know which Dr. is good for and also which Health Insurance Plan should be best value cover for prenancy in here? Please help me……I accept both good and bad comment for consideration….Thank you :)

Sarah Fields answers:

Well there alot but the common hospital is uscd but there grossmont hospital, the one next to children hospital you were saying but i recommend uscd

Linda asks…

Prenancy Hospital & Best Maternity Insurance in San Diego?

Looking for Prenancy Hospital in San Diego and Best effort Maternity Insurance…Please help me.?
I just married and move to San Diego, and now searching for ob/gyn.

I heard that Sharp Mary Birch hopital is The Best in San Diego for prenancy and marternity. But I don’t know which Dr. is good for and also which Health Insurance Plan should be best value cover for prenancy in here? Please help me……I accept both good and bad comment for consideration….Thank you :)
Thank you for your good advices!
I live around fashion valley, and now I’m self-employed, so I’m considering to go with Blue cross HMO plan which plan that have to choose my own physician and I don’t know how to start to choose.

And I think it’s kind of expensive premium $480/month, but pay at delivery only $250, and each visit doctor only pay $25……But I have to pay premium $480 for 6 month (so I have to pay only premium total 15 months from start to delivery date = $480 x 15 = $7,200, which is not include deductable $2,000, so estimate around $9,200), So, I don’t know is it worth or not?

Yes, I’ve heard good things about Scripps also…..or I should change to Scripps…….I don’t know that can I take a tour in Scripps or choose and talk with doctor?

If anybody has any suggestion, please advise…..Thank you ladies :)

Sarah Fields answers:

I’ll be delivering at Scripps Memorial (La Jolla) and have heard only fabulous things about it from other Mom’s I’ve spoken with who have delivered there. I have Blue Cross, Blue Shield insurance through the company where I am employed.
As far as OB doctors go, I would suggest finding someone who is close to where you live or work since you will have so many appointments. (You don’t mention which part of San Diego you live in.)
My OB is part of a practice, but I really like her and I don’t much care which of the doctors will be there to catch the baby since they are only there at the end of the whole process anyway – it’s the nurses who do all the work.

I had surgery for Ectopic Pregnancy at Sharp Mary Birch three years ago, so I don’t have good memories tied to the experience, although I have no complaints about the hospital in general. It was hard being on the maternity ward when recovering from a major operation due to a ruptured tube.

The hospital you’ll deliver at really depends on the doctor you choose and which one they are associated with.

Steven asks…

Health insurance in USA is a complete rip off, scrap it and lets get competitive tendering in for taxpayers to?

I noticed my old friends in the USA are having a big debate about healthcare, getting a better service for all and at a better price. From some press reports I have read Some of you do not like to look a gift horse in the mouth? maybe you work for insurance companies I suspect!

This is why I KNOW that Americans are being scammed and ripped off by the Government, Health insurance and the hospitals. I am from Uk but spent 7 years there in San Diego, Houston and Phoenix and I needed treatment 3 times for various things.

On all 3 occasions I was charged a small fortune ($2000) for menial medical work, (a stitch in my lip and check pulse, most of the time I spent waiting to be seen, (hours). When I told them I had no medical insurance they reduced it to $300. Case 2 Blood tests ($940) but if I paid cash $130, Sharps Hospital San diego. Houston local doctors remove a boil on my back $260 but for cash $45. Dentists San diego all treatment less than half price just for having a $50 family discount ticket.(not insurance). I saved thousands off that ticket.

Wife had a baby, $10,000, but we had no insurance so we paid $250, (some local tax on tobacco and booze paid the rest.

I have heard some say health care in USA is far superior to the free one we have here in uk, WELL IT FRANKLY IS NOT, you have lawsuits over there in USA that prove that healthcare in UK is just as good as USA and its almost free here. True, non urgent things may require an appointment a few weeks forward but anything urgent is dealt with quickly.

The ambulance service arrive within minutes of being called and they don’t carry invoices or calculators for $2000 taxi ride to hospital!

I think you should back your president, get almost free healthcare for all, get better pricing and everyone who works pays a little extra tax just as we do here in Europe, we call it National Insurance contributions, its about 5% of your capped earnings/wages, this covers not only health care but also sickness benefits, retirement pension, dental, optical, unemployment / disability benefit, child and workers tax credits Nobody is ever excluded and there is no CoPay either, They fix you no questions asked, a very comforting thought.
Whoever heard of an insurance policy where you go to hospital and have to pay half the f***** bill as well?

In the American System the employer pays insurance the employees pay too and then there is copay fees to pay too? who is getting all this money? where the heck is it going? at the prices they charge there should be no copay.

For you die hards there is BUPA health insurance that UK has too but that is cheap, a fraction of the USA cost.

OK Americans let me know your thoughts do you want an almost free healthcare for all in the USA, similar to UK? if you don’t prove to me why your rip off system is better? your system benefits the rich and the scammer hospitals and insurance companies.

1, I have seen the good/bad of both systems, pity your USA system leaves tens of millions of people without health care.

2People do work hard there but the pay is peanuts low income can’t afford healthcare.
3 Thats not my point (off topic)
4 Your taxes will not be raised, it will be cheaper as you won’t be paying rip off prices to health insurance.
5Medicare is not the quality of Uk Health care and you know it. so don’t compare.
6Just go to sharp hospitals in San diego and ask for their form for people with no insurance a look at the price difference, you who pay health insurance are feeding the suckers on the vine that always will ant more and more..
7Your health is the governments business as its costing the USA taxpayer $billions anyway in medicare etc.
8 UK health care is superior to USA fools fail to learn from forefathers.
9 Brainwash, ? sounds like health insurance and hospital companies paying millions to politicians, that is brainwashing. but you gys just suck it all up
here is what a working person pays in the UK who earns 30k per year uk pounds

Employer’s NI 220.60 ($352.96)
Employee’s NI189.58 ($303.32

Employee Tax330.84 ($529.34)

Total All Tax 741.02

Total Net Income1,752.75 ($2804.40)

So for $303.00 per month he is covered for all health costs entirely as well as dental, optical. This also covers retirement Pension currently 65 pounds per week ($104), sickness benefit, unemployment benefit, working tax credit and child tax credit, disability benefit.

Our NHS get huge discounts off the drug companies and there is an NHS low cost rate for all Health service professionals, this is why health costs are so much cheaper here. Because USA system is dissected based on thousands of insurance company claims it is just a mire of administration and opportunities for these hospitals to overcharge. Why do you think drugs and medical care are so much cheaper elsewhere in the world? your politicians take bribes from these
What happens there does affect me as I am returning to live there permanently next year.

You are being ripped off, if you can’t see that then that is your problem, your whole health system is corrupt and Politicians are paid by big health care companies, to sweep the corruption under the carpet!

Same thing with your banking system America is known for its corrupt politicians and industry leaders.

Your comments and attitude remind me of the smoking lobby that wanted to stop the banning of smoking in public places (you are very selfish in your thinking) and you are bot Peripheral in your thinking. (there is always a better way to do something.

Sarah Fields answers:

Edit: You know what… You don’t live here, so it’s not your problem and it’s none of your business. It’s NOBODY’S responsibility to “share their wealth” with others. What’s mine is mine. What’s yours is yours.

Edit 2: On #5, I said “Medicade” (for poor people) not “Medicare” (for senior citizens). I don’t give a flip what kind of quality health care you have in the UK. So no, I don’t “know it”.

1.) You do not live in the USA, so I really feel your few hospital encounters here do not qualify you to judge the system we have.

2.) This is a capitalistic, not socialistic, country. America was founded on religion and hard work. Too many people expect a handout these days. People need to work hard for the things they want.

3.) This wasn’t a worldwide issue until Pres. Obama chose to make it such.

4.) Sure, I have problems with my health care. But guess what: It’s MY body and MY money and I’ll do whatever I choose with both. I don’t need some angry person across the Pond to tell me otherwise. On top of that 27% of my income comes out of my paycheck (from taxes) before I ever even see it. About 12% already goes “into the system”. I don’t need that number to be raised so that someone I’ve never met can get it.

5.) Our country has many health options. People can choose from private health insurance companies that are in many cases covered by their employers. Many people who cannot afford health insurance qualify for Medicade and state health care programs. And what about the Health Department? There were a few years growing up when my family didn’t have health insurance. We went to the Health Department when we needed to see a doctor and got proper care there for little or nothing.

6.) And what is all this, “If I paid cash…” stuff you’re talking about?? I have never in my life heard of a hospital or doctor’s office saying, “If you pay with a check or bank card, it will be $300, but if you pay with cash it will only be $50.” If that happened to you, you were scammed by some greedy, dishonest employee.

7.) My health is none of the government’s damn business. It’s NONE of their business what my health conditions are. I am not a burden to society and I pay all my debts.

8.) Think back to the history classes you took…. Many people who started this country (the USA) came here seeking freedom from England. Please don’t stir that up again. Just because you guys have a certain health care policy doesn’t mean we have to use it.

9.) Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Stop trying to brainwash people. Have you nothing better to do with your day???

10.) One of the beautiful things about our country is that people don’t have to agree with the President on every issue. This is not a dictatorship, it’s a democracy. I support my country and our military. I do not support President Barack Obama’s health care plan one bit. That’s one of my American rights.

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