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Which Companies Provide Maternity Insurance In California

2013 June 1
by Tim Thompson

Ruth asks…

What health insurance companies in California offer maternity insurance?

We are not planning on becoming pregnant any time soon, but feel we should have it just in case. I want my monthly premiums to remain very low and I don’t mind having a higher deductible because of this. I know Blue Cross Blue Shield offers it, but all their plans are very expensive. Thanks!
I understand premiums will be expensive. I’m looking for the lowest possible premiums, or just insurance companies that offer maternity, because not all of them do. I can do my own research as well for lowest rates.

Sarah Fields answers the question about maternity insurance in California:

Hi John,
Here in California, every health insurance company is required to provide maternity coverage on all their plans. So you can get maternity insurance in California from any major health insurance company: Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, Cigna, Health Net, and Kaiser are the best providers in the state and have over 95% market-share. Stick with one of those companies and you can get a great plan.

Right now the best maternity plan in California is from Cigna. Their Health Savings 1900 plan is HSA compatible, and your total out-of-pocket costs (including premiums) will be less than $4,500. Assuming you have the baby within the first year after you start the plan.

Since you know you are going to wait awhile before having a baby, the better option might be the Health Net HSA 4500 plan. This one has monthly premiums half the cost of the Cigna plan, but your out-of-pocket costs during the prenatal and delivery will also be a little higher.

Hope this helps.

John asks…

How can we afford maternity without insurance?

Me and my wife are expecting and she does not have insurance. We are seeking alternate support for the pregnancy. We live in California. Does anyone have some advice? Please Help!

Sarah Fields answers:


As you are probably already aware, you can’t get maternity insurance in California when your wife is already pregnant. You have two options. The state Medi-Cal program for low-income families, or the Aid for Infants and Mothers (AIM) program. I would start with the Medi-Cal program to see if you meet their income limits. If not, then try the AIM program. AIM provides low-cost coverage for families that don’t qualify for Medi-Cal.

Good luck & congrats!!

Donna asks…

In California – How does getting health insurance coverage for a newborn work?

My husband and I have health insurance (CIGNA), but due to the timing of our pregnancy the pregnancy itself has not been covered. Does anyone know the rules regarding getting our newborn onto our policy (she’s due Jan. 11th). I’ve seen several places that there’s a 30 day period of non coverage? Just wanting to know so we ensure her wellness checks and immunizations, etc. are covered.

Sarah Fields answers:

When your baby is born, it will be covered on your health plan for the first 30 days. Before the end of the 30 days, you can choose to put the baby on either your plan or the father’s health plan. Both are required to accept the baby.

Make sure you take care of the paperwork in advance of the 30 day period so your baby will get continuous coverage from birth to the transition to one of your plans. If there is even a single day without coverage you will get a 20% surcharge on the baby’s premiums.

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